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October 1, 2010 / thelittleone.

Speck See Thru Satin Cover Review

After much trawling through the internet for reviews and the like of the Speck See Thru Satin Cover, I decided I would buy one for my Macbook Pro. I have to say, I love it!! It’s amazing, and though the picture doesn’t do it justice, the red colour I chose is amazing.

I’ve been seeing these covers around Uni since I arrived here and decided I didn’t want my mac to stay boring silver. My first foray into buying one of these went absolutely wrong – I ordered the incorrect type. Suffice to say a unibody mac is not going to fit into a case meant for the white macbooks. It just doesn’t work. I wasn’t going to go through with it after that, too much effort, but I’m glad I did.

The cover fits like a glove over my mac and I’m really happy that the apple symbol shows through as a really cool red colour.

I was a little disappointed when I pulled the cover out of the case as it did have a little bit of excess plastic coming up around the edges, but this was easy to pull off and didn’t affect the case at all, so all was well. The only thing I’m going to have to remember to do is regularly clean the casing to protect from a build up of dust and the like.

I do really think these covers are brilliant, and I love the texture of the satin style – so soft and nice!

I would definitely buy another one in a different colour!


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