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September 28, 2010 / thelittleone.

AusNTM: Australia’s Next Top Mega Fail

Sarah Murdoch may as well be doing a mega facepalm at this point. She really did stuff up, on live television no doubt! I have to admit, I’m not in Australia at this time, so I sadly missed this when it happened. However, ninemsn was able to bring the story to my attention with this lovely news article. Now, I also have to admit I didn’t want either Kelsey or Amanda to win, I thought Kelsey was an overrated shorty with a weird attitude problem and I didn’t mind Amanda, but I thought she was much of the usual stuff we put out there. What I really dislike about Australia’s Next Top Model, however, is that the viewers basically decide who wins, and I personally believes this gives the winner a lack of credibility in the industy.

Take America’s NTM, they have a panel of “specialists” who pick the winner and only they have the final say. I would rather take a winner who the likes of Tyra Banks or Andre Leon Talley pick as the best over who the bogans mass vote to be the winner. Popularity contests should be left in high school.

Whilst I’m not overly thrilled with Amanda’s win, out of who it came down to, I’m quietly happy compared to previous seasons. Demelza should never have won, the year before her a 16 year old girl was told the reason the judges couldn’t vote her as a winner was her age and lack of life experience, yet the very next year Demelza wins despite the bitchiness she displayed and the discontent with the industry judges. Go figure. I bet no one can forget when Claire was ousted out of the final three last seasons, urging many to guess that the reason the final three were left to the viewers vote because of it.

Maybe its time for an overhaul of AusNTM. Throw away the live finales, the viewer votes and urge the judges to not play favouritism (Murdoch seemingly enjoys playing favourites if you notice in the show).

Oh Sarah Murdoch, you really pulled a fail. But Kelsey won’t mind, she’s being handsomely compensated and Amanda stole the crown, so I guess all we can do is cue keyboard cat.

Play her off, keyboard cat.


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